Beranek, Inc. engineers and develops solutions for complex parts that meet Its customer-required quality standards at every step of the manufacturing process. Utilizing the latest in cutting-edge technologies has allowed the Torrance-based company to maximize its factory floor productivity.

Beranek, Inc. and the Cutting-Edge Technology

Beranek, Inc. is always at the vanguard of new and evolving technologies. Our commitment to continuous improvement leads us to offer our customers the highest manufacturing and quality options.

Accuracy & Excellence

Our engineering area focuses on Manufacturing, CNC programming, and Production. Everyone in the group uses their level of expertise to create the quality and most exceptional product our customers expect from us.

Beranek Inc. Expertise


2340 205th Street
Torrance, CA 90501
O: (310) 328-9094
F: (310) 328-2764

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