Beranek Quality Clauses

Quality Clause Definitions

Scope The following clauses apply to all Raw Material and Special Processing Purchase Orders.

QC 1: MIL-I-45208A Quality System or Equivalent Compliance

QC 2: MIL-STD-45662A Calibration System or Equivalent Compliance

Seller shall comply with MIL-STD-45662A or ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 or later revision, requirements in the utilization of measuring and test equipment during the performance of this contract.

QC 3: First Article Piece Inspection

QC 4: Dimensional Inspection Objective Evidence

Evidence of Buyer's source inspection, when applicable, shall beindicated by Buyer's source inspection stamp, or signature, on Seller's dimensional record for each dimension verified.

QC 5: Statistical Process Control Planning – Data Management

QC 6: Manufacturing and Inspection Control Plan

Seller shall submit a manufacturing and inspection control plan for Buyer's approval. As a minimum, the plan shall delineate the sequence of manufacturing operations to be performed, the points within the manufacturing sequence where inspection is to be performed, the type of each inspection specified, and, if applicable, the specifications that define each inspection requirement. This plan shall be submitted to Buyer's authorized purchasing representative and approved by Buyer's Quality Assurance before production of the goods. Buyer's approval of this plan does not relieve Seller of the responsibility to perform all inspections required by the applicable specifications. After approval by Buyer's Quality Assurance, Seller shall comply with the plan. Any changes to the approved plan shall be submitted to Buyer for approval.

QC 7: Source Inspection

BERANEK INC., and PRIME SOURCE INSPECTION is required at Seller’s facility. Goods ordered by this contract are subject to Buyer's inspection prior to assembly and throughout all assembly, processing, and testing operations. Buyer's Quality Assurance shall establish and coordinate the mandatory Buyer inspection points. Evidence of such inspection shall be indicated on the shipping report, process certification, or fabrication order accompanying each shipment. Seller shall notify BERANEK INC Quality Assurance at least two days prior to processing or manufacturing in conjunction with this contract.

QC 8: Buyer's Quality Source Surveillance Validation of Seller's First Article Inspection Report

Upon receipt of this contract, Seller shall promptly notify Beranek, Inc., Quality department so that appropriate planning for surveillance of the First Article Inspection (FAI) can be accomplished.

First Article Inspection (FAI), or test shall be performed by Seller atSeller's facility. Quantitative results shall have documented information. A report identified as the "First Article Inspection Report." Seller shall notify Beranek, Inc., Quality department at least 48 hours in advance to schedule surveillance of the FAI. Buyer's Source inspector shall verify the conformity of Seller's FAI, as applicable, and shall document results in the FAI Report. Seller shall retain one copy of the FAI Report, as evidence of Buyer's approval of the FAI, and one copy shall be forwarded with Seller's shipper to Buyer.

QC 9: Government Source Inspection

GOVERNMENT SOURCE INSPECTION is required prior to shipment from Seller's plant. Upon receipt of this contract, Seller shall promptly notify the Government representative who services typically its plant so that appropriate planning for Government inspection get scheduled and performed.

Seller shall provide evidence of Government inspection on the shipping report accompanying each shipment.

QC 10: Manufacturer's Certification of Compliance

QC 11: Material Certification

Seller shall include with each shipment a certificate that states that the materials used in the manufacture of the goods furnished under this contract were tested, inspected, and found to be in compliance with the applicable material specifications.  As a minimum, the Certification of Compliance or Certification of Analysis and/or shipping document shall include or reference the following information:

QC 12: Raw Material Test Results

QC 13: Nondestructive Test (NDT) Certification

Seller shall include with each shipment a certificate that lists the NDT performed. A record of the procedures or techniques used and actual results shall remain on file for at least ten years after shipment to Buyer and shall be furnished to Buyer upon request. These records must include the inspector's signature or stamp, NDT certification level and/or technique or plan number.

QC 14: Export Controlled Information


This order is subject to export control laws. Supplier shall not disclose oral written or otherwise any drawing specifications and other technical data to any foreign person, firm or institution including but not limited to suppliers own employees and subcontractors.

QC 15: Serialized Traceability Required

This order includes products that are traceable by individual serial numbers. It is required that seller maintain traceability of product throughout processing from receiving to shipment. Certifications shall reflect serial numbers processed and status as applicable.  

NOTE: If this clause has been invoked and you have received hardware without serial numbers: Do not process the order. Contact Beranek, Inc purchase representative noted on signature block of purchase order.

QC 16: Product Verification Right

Beranek, Inc., or any regulatory agency shall be allowed the right to audit and inspect the Supplier’s activity for records, products and processes, including at Supplier’s facility, upon prior notification to the Supplier, to determine and verify the quality of work at any point of manufacture in any subcontractor plant and its sub-tiers. Beranek, Inc. will notify the Supplier a minimum of five (5) working days in advance of such surveillance audits.

QC 17: Non-Conformance Notification and approval process

In the event of product Non-conformance, the supplier must contact Beranek, Inc., Quality Manager within a reasonable period.   The Non-conformance shall be clearly documented and when applicable, a corrective action included. After Beranek, Inc. Quality Manager reviews the Non- conformance and contacts it’s customer as needed, final disposition shall be determined by Beranek Inc.’s Customer.
NO FOD allowance.

QC 18: Notification of changes in product and or process definition.

In the event of changes in product and/or process, the supplier must contact Beranek, Inc., Quality Manager within a reasonable period. The changes should be clearly documented and a copy of the revision or process change included in the documentation. After Beranek, Inc. Quality Manager reviews the change and / or process definition, and contacts it’s customer as needed, final disposition shall be determined by Beranek Inc.’s Customer.

QC 19: Flight Safety Part

QC 20: Use of Certified / Approved Special Processors by Sub-tier Suppliers

QC 21: Quality Inspection System and Control of Documented Information

The seller shall provide and maintain an inspection system which shall assure that all delivered products conform to purchase contract requirements whether manufactured or processed by the supplier or obtained from one of his suppliers. The seller shall maintain controls and perform all inspections and tests required to substantiate product conformance to drawings, specifications and other purchase contract requirements. The seller shall notify Beranek Inc., of changes in product and/or process definition and always obtain Beranek Inc., approval.

ATTENTION: All documentation and records pertaining to Beranek Inc. shall be maintained and stored by the seller's as follows:

Unless otherwise specified period of time or life terms in the purchase order. The seller shall ensure that records kept in their area are stored in a way that prevents deterioration or damage and prevents loss.  Where computerized records need to be kept, the Seller needs to ensure that these records are regularly backed up. Hard copies or computerized records shall be easily retrievable within 72 hours from Beranek Inc., or any Regulatory Agency request.

QC 22: FOE/FOD Requirement

Removed as each Beranek, Inc. Purchased Order is enforcing the FOE/FOD initiative

QC 23: Conflict of Minerals


As part of Beranek, Inc. commitment to responsibility, including its policy on protecting human rights in our operations along with our supply chain, Beranek, Inc. goal is to purchase raw materials from manufacturers who have certified that their products are “DRC Conflict Free,” and we do not directly purchase any Conflict Minerals from any source.

Beranek, Inc. expects its suppliers to have appropriate policies and due diligence measures in place that will allow us to reasonably determine if products and raw materials containing conflict minerals originate from conflict-free sources, including those from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its surrounding areas.

In support of this Beranek, Inc. will:

QC 24: Counterfeit Materials

Beranek Inc. acknowledges and understands there is a global issue concerning the sale and distribution of counterfeit components and counterfeit materiel. In addition to training and communicating this phenomenon throughout our company, we are committed to procuring parts from our contracted OEM’s or authorized OEM distributors. Beranek, Inc. requires our suppliers to conform to any Federal and State requirements regarding the detection and control of counterfeit materials. If counterfeit materials are suspected, they must be reported to the Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP). Although Beranek, Inc. has not experienced an issue with counterfeit components or counterfeited materiel, procedures are in place to immediately quarantine any questionable components or materiel and initiate corrective action. If a component or materiel is determined to be counterfeit, it shall go through the disposition process, and all documented information retained, preventing it from re-entering the supply chain.

QC 25: Code of Ethics

Employees – Beranek Inc. makes it clear to employees the actions and behavior expected of them when representing the organization. The organization strives to maintain the highest standards of employee conduct and ethical practice when operating and managing its supply chain.

Suppliers – Beranek, Inc. suppliers must demonstrate the highest standards of ethics and where necessary prove that they provide safe working conditions, treat their workers with dignity and respect and act ethically and within the law in their use of human resources.

The Quality clauses noted above are to be used by the Beranek, Inc. Purchasing department to show required Quality Systems compliance requirements. The Beranek, Inc. management as indicated below has approved these clauses.

George Beranek
General Manager
Jose Florez
Quality Director
Issue 7 10/20

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